Jagged offcuts are created on a factory plastic film production line, or during the product packaging process, scrap film tapes of uniform width are cut out. These film edge materials are easily flammable. If they cannot be handled in time, they will be piled up on both sides of the production line, which will bring hidden dangers to safety production and occupy the space of the workshop. Therefore, it is necessary to collect the edge materials to maintain the cleanliness of the on-site operation. secondary use.

At present, there are several ways to collect edge material:

The first recycling method is to repeatedly fold and accumulate the edge material through the mechanism. This method is simple and easy to implement, but ignores the irregularity of the edge material and the elasticity of the edge material, resulting in loose stacking and easy to collapse;

The second is the winding collection method. The film edge material is wound on the reel of the winding mechanism through the driving device. Compared with other methods, this collection method is more efficient, saves more plant space, and the recovered form Can go directly to the next production line for small size film packaging;

Third, whether the film is an irregular sheet or a rolled edge material, it can be melted by the extruder of the plastic granulation production line and then converted into granular raw materials and put into the production line for reuse. This method has an online circulation. Features, convenience and high utilization rate;