After waste plastic packaging enters the natural environment, it is difficult to degrade, causing long-term and deep-seated ecological and environmental problems. According to surveys, plastics can be found almost anywhere on the surface of the earth, even at the bottom of the deepest ocean, even in the North Pole and Antarctica. Plastics have caused great harm to the marine environment and marine life.

First of all, waste plastic packaging is mixed in the soil, which affects the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, resulting in reduced crop yields.

Secondly, if the livestock eats plastic film, it will cause digestive tract diseases and even death of the livestock. Waste plastic packaging discarded on land or in water bodies, swallowed as food by animals, can cause animal death.

If we want to prevent plastics from continuing to pollute the environment, the best way is to stop dumping millions of tons of waste plastics into nature every year.

The plastic recycling machine can solve the problem of plastic pollution and realize the recycling and reuse of plastic.