500kg PE Film Washing Line

Plastic film has various materials such as PP, PE, PVC, etc. In the production of heat shrinkable film, cling film, composite film, tape film, flat wire, etc., there will be waste films cut from both sides of the film, which is called “ear material”. This raw material is crushed into “snow flakes” and added with good materials to continue producing finished films, which will affect the quality of finished films. If it is granulated and then reused, it will increase the cost of granulation and increase the decomposition of raw materials.

The best way is: pass the ear material through a high pressure roller, roll it into a very hard plastic strip (wire), directly cut it into plastic granules, and send it directly into the feeding port through the conveying pipeline. Regularly mix with new materials to form a pattern of continuous recycling. It can not only ensure product quality, but also reduce reuse costs, and save a lot of management links and management costs.