Gangsu makes the pvc granulation machine, pvc compounding and granulating machine, pvc cable pellets making machine, soft pvc pellets production machine for shoe soles, rigid pvc granulation machine for pvc pipe, pvc cable material granulation machine, pvc granulating machine.

1.PVC pellets granulation machine include mixing machine, extruder, die face cutting, air blower, transit silo and final storage silo
2.PVC pellets making machine can be used to make rigid PVC, soft PVC, flexible PVC, modified PVC, filler PVC, functional PVC etc
3.Electrical component for PVC pellets making machine are brand names like ABB inverter, SIEMENS motor, Schneider low voltage electrical.
4.According to different formula of PVC, the made PVC pellet can be used for injection, extrusion, film blowing and so on. Apply to profile, pipe, board, film, sheet, shoe sole.

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