Plastic Shredder & Crusher

Top manufacture of plastic shredder & crusher in the world!

Our machine can be used in many different sectors such as waste recycling, medical industry, packaging and food industries.


Wide Application

Plastic shredder machine is used in shredding film, lumps, woven bags, bottle, pipe, paper, wood, tire, tin, can, various kinds of hollow or solid plastic material. Plastic crusher is adopted for find grinding of material. The combination of shredder and crushing machine can process a variety of waste materials. Plastic shredder machine is suitable to process PA, PE, PP, PET, ABS, PVC wood pallet and various engineering plastic material.

Optimized Structure

For the plastic shredder machine, the blade is made from SKD material. It can process 800tons material normally. The blade seat is fixed by screw on the shaft; so it is easy replacement; the blade is also fixed by screw on the blade seat. For the crusher machine, the blade is also made from SKD or D2 material, with heating treatment and annealing treatment so that the working lifetime is prolonged. The machine structure is optimized designed so that it is stable and

Human Oriented Function

For the operation of machine, it has PLC operation screen with less human interface. When it is jammed and/or over current, the shredder shaft has auto reverse function. It saves a lot human labors. For the shaft, it is concrete one. Rotation speed:80RPM, auto reverse when over current and/or jammed.

Environmentally Friend

The operation of shredder and crusher occupy small operation space, covers a small space room. When it operates, it does not produce waste air, waste liquid, only need power supply. The machine will run. Therefore, it is an ideal machine in recycling field.