Plastic Double Shaft Shredder Machine

Gangsu Machinery is a plastic machine company by integrating resources in plastic machinery industry. We manufacture a wide range of plastic machine from plastic washing and recycling machine line, shredder machine, crusher machine, single shaft shredder machine, double shaft shredder machine four shaft shredder machine, disc type shredder machine, pp jumbo bags shredding machine, shredding equipment, waste pipe shredding machine, waste lumps shredding machine, civil garbage shredding machine, MSW shredding machine, waste fabric shredding machine and wood shredding machine, agricultural shredding machine, fishing net shredding machine, waste rubber shredder machine, cable wire shredder machine, home appliance shredder machine. By choosing different sieve of screen net, the output scraps sizes are variable, all waste plastic shredding machine like for pipe, profile, sheet, board. We have close to 20 years’ experience in this shredding industry. We have certification for CE and SGS.

Plastic Double Shaft Shredder Machine Features

1.Plastic shredder machine is used in shredding film, lumps, woven bags, bottle, pipe, paper, wood, various kinds of hollow or solid plastic material.

2.Plastic shredder machine is suitable to process PA, PE, PP, PET, ABS, PVC and various engineering plastic material.

3.For the plastic shredder machine, the blade is made from SKD material. It can process 800tons material normally.

The blade seat is fixed by screw on the shaft; so it is easy replacement; the blade is also fixed by screw on the blade seat.

Plastic Double Shaft Shredder Machine Technical Data

Item ModelDSJ600DSJ800DSJ1000DSJ1200DSJ1500
Application Rigid Hard Plastic Lumps, Injection, Extrusion, Blocks, PE, PVC, PP, PPR, Film, Woven Bags
Cylinder StrokeФ60mmx600mmФ80mmx800mmФ100mmx1000mmФ100mmx1000mmФ100mmx1000mm
Shaft DiameterФ280mmФ380mmФ380mmФ380mmФ380mm
Rotator Blade30setsx248setsx260setsx272setsx292setsx2
Fixed Blade2setsx22setsx24setsx24setsx24setsx2
Blade MaterialSKD-11SKD-11SKD-11SKD-11SKD-11
Blade Hardness56 Degree56 Degree56 Degree56 Degree56 Degree
Shaft Speed80 Rpm80 Rpm80 Rpm80 Rpm80 Rpm
Capacity Kg/hr800—15001500—20002000—30003000—40004000—6000
Size(LXWXH) 2300x1400x17002800x1700x23003200x1700x23003800x1700x22004000x1700x2300