Plastic Crusher Machine

Plastic crusher machine is used to reduce the plastic and rubber products like PP, PE, PET, PVC in sizes. The crusher machine is used as grinding due to its high rotation speed and sharp blades. Strong built machine body and stable operation, but during crushing period, no metal or hard objects shall be allowed into the crusher chamber. The screen size is tailored for different output size.

Plastic Crusher Machine Application

Plastic crusher machine is used to crush plastic lumps, sheet, pipe, profile, film, bottle etc

Plastic Crusher Machine Features

1.Rotor blades and fixed blades adopt SKD steel

2.Electrical components adopts SIMENS, Schneider and Delixi

3.Hopper and Screen Support are hydraulic driving for easy maintenance

4.Blades can be sharpened for saving cost

Plastic Crusher Machine Specification


Motor power(KW)
Rotating blade 66612151824
Fixed blade number2222248
Screens sizeФ8Ф8Ф10Ф10Ф10Ф12Ф12
Max cutting ability100-150150-200200-300300-600400-700600-800800-1000
Hopper size180×125230×160300×210410×240500×300600×420800×560
Machine demension730×440×9001000×700×10501100×800×12001360×930×14001400×1050×15001250×1200×16201500×1440×1800
Suitable material typemid-miniture thin plasricmid-thin plasticmid-miniature plasticmaxi-middling plasticMaxi-middling plasticmaxi-plasticmaxi-plastic