PET Pellets Making Machine

Gangsu Machinery produces PET pellets making machine. The PET pelletizing machine adopts twin screw extruder machine as the main machine, equipped with forced vacuum degassing system to remove the humidity. And it is using water strand pelletizing system.

PET Pelletizing Machine Flow Chat

Screw Loader→ Twin Screw Feeder→ Parallel Extruder JSD75/40B with Vacuum Pump→Two Column Screen Exchanger→Cooling Water Tank→ Air Blower→Granulator/pelletizer→Vibration(optional)→ Air Blower→Silo

PET Pelletizing Machine Technical Data

1Screw Loader1pc
2Double Screw Dosing Feeder1pc
3Parallel Extruder 75B/40 Vacuum Degassing1 pc.
4Hydraulic Screen Exchange1 pc.
5Water Cooling Slot1 pc.
6Air Blower Dryer1 pc.
7Granulator1 pc.
8Air Blower1 pc
9Silo1 pc
10Electric Cabin1 pc.
11Chiller 5Hp1 pc
12Hot Air Pre-drying Tank1 pc

PET Pellets Making Machine in Detail

Parallel Extruder Machine with Vacuum Degassing

Parallel extruder machine has two twin screws inside the barrel. The machine equipped with the degassing system removes the humidity so that the pellets are made in good condition.

Water Cooling Tank

It adopts strand die head, after the material fall into the cooling water tank, pet stand will form its shape. The water-cooling tank is 4 meters in length, 400mm in width. It gives enough cooling time.


The granulator machine will cut the extruded strands into pellets.