Fishing net washing machine line

Gangsu Machinery Co., produces pp fishing net washing recycling machine, pa fishing net recycling machine. We manufacture plastic crusher machine, fishing net crushing machine, pp rope shredder machine, raffia rope shredding machine, plastic raffia dewatering machine, raffia shredder machine. PA rope recycling machine can process pp rope, pp string, pa filament, plastic pallet, lumber, cans, lumps, jumbo bags, woven bags. After washing the material, it can be used at the granulation machine.

PP/PA Rope Washing Recycling Machine

Gangsu Machinery Co., produces plastic rope washing machine. We manufacture PA net crusher machine, PA net shredder machine, PP fishing net machine. Plastic shredding machine can process rope, filament, fabric, cloth, wood timber, wood pallet, plastic pallet, lumber, cans, lumps, jumbo bags, woven bags. Waste material with bulky size can be cutting and grinding by shredder machine.


Plastic PP/PA Rope Washing and Recycling Machine Features

  1. Plastic washing machineis used in recycle pp rope, pa rope, pp filament, pa filament, film, lumps, woven bags, bottle, pipe, paper, wood, various kinds of hollow or solid plastic material.
  2. PP fishing net recycling machine is suitable to process PA, PE, PP, PET, ABS, PVC and various engineering plastic material.
  3. For the plastic recyclingmachine, it includes washing tank, friction washing machine and drying system.
  4. PP fishing net is crushed, it will go into friction washing, cold washing tank and dewatering machine.
  5. For the convey belt, it is inverter control.


Plastic PA Rope Recycling Machine Technical Data:

Main Power45kw
Hydraulic Open8sets
Fixed Blade4set
Rotation Blade8sets
Rotation BladeØ50mm
Dimension(L*W*H)2000 mm x1900 mm x2500mm


Our Service of Plastic Nylon Recycling Machine

After sales service, we offer to customer training, running the machine and  trouble shooting skills. We will offer the customers after sales service in time once we get the after sales service request. We have a service team around the world. Service Line:008613915700644.


Friction machine in details

Friction machine runs at high speed, the washed material passes through the paddle. It gives a good washing effectiveness.

Hot Air Drying System

Air blower, heating tank and stainless steel are composed of hot air drying system. Heating tank provides hot air, then blower conveys the hot air into the pipe. The washed material is passed same channel, then hot air drying the material. After that the material goes into the silo.

Dewatering Machine

Plastic dewatering machine will dehydrate the material water. The dewatering machine runs at a high speed around 1440rpm. It gives a high rotation speed, the material will separate the water with the material.

Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor takes the material into the crusher machine. The belt convey can install metal detector. The belt material can have pvc or rubber for your choose. Belt conveyor runs with speed adjustable by inverter controller.