EPS granulation line

Gangsu Machinery specialized in making pe film granulating machine. This pe film granulating machine can process pp, pe, hdpe, ldpe, lldpe etc material. The materials are in the form of bags, rollers, stretch film, shrink film, soft film and other loosen form. PE film granulation machine adopts compactor machine to shrink the film into small ball, then the ball type material was fed into the extruder feeding portal at certain centrifugal force, single screw extruder machine as the mother and baby extruder machine, equipped with forced vacuum degassing system to remove the humidity. And it uses die face cutting with water ring system.

PE Film Pelletizing Machine Flow Chat

Belt Conveyor→ Compactor→ Single Screw Extruder SJ160/30 with Vacuum Pump→Two Column Screen Exchanger→Single Screw Extruder SJ160/10 → Screen Exchanger→ Die Face Cutting with Water Cooling→ Dewatering Machine→Vibration(optional)→ Air Blower→Silo

PE Film Granulation Machine Technical Data

1Belt Conveyor1.5 Kw1 pc.
2Compactor110 Kw1 pc.
3SJ 160/30 Single Screw Extruder160 Kw+60 Kw1 pc.
4SJ 160/10 Single Screw Extruder45 kw+30 kw1 pc.
5Dual-piston Non-stop Screen Changer3 kw+22kw1 pc.
6Water Ring Cutting System2.2 Kw+8 Kw1 pc.
7Centrifugal Dewater Machine5.5 Kw1 pc.
8Vibration Screen0.22 Kw*21 pc.
9Air Conveyer4 Kw1 pc.
10Silo1 m31 pc.
11Electrical Control CabinetCE Mark1 pc.

PE Pellets Making Machine in Detail

Single Screw Extruder Machine with Vacuum Degassing

There is one screw inside the barrel. The machine equipped with the degassing system removes the humidity so that the pellets are made in good condition.

Die Face Cutting with Water Ring Cooling

It adopts die face cutting with water ring cooling, after the material fall into the die plate, the cutting knife rotate to make small pellets. The pellets are throwed into the water channel, then they are cooled down, fell to the dewatering machine.

Dewatering Machine

Dewatering machine is to remove water for the pellets.