500Kg PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine

Gangsu Machinery is skilled at producing pet bottle crushing washing and recycling machine.

Plastic bottle washing recycling capacity is from 300kg to 2000kg per hour. It can meet starting up customer and/or high-end customer’s needs.
Gangsu Machinery is good at make waste bottle crushing and recycling machine. The production line shall be designed based on customers needs. Production line includes bale opener, screen trommel, sorting table, pre-washer machine, label remover machine, crusher machine, hot washing tank, cold washing tank, drying system, dewatering machine, color sorting machine. With a combination of different simple and complex machine, the washed flakes are found quality, which is suitable for POY and FDY fiber production, is also suitable for pet packing strap production, pet sheet production and pet pellets making.

Plastic Bottle Crushing Washing and Recycling Process

Bale Opener → Screen Trommel → Belt Conveyor → Label Remover → Pre-washer → Manual Sorting System → Crusher → Floating Washer → Screw loader → Hot washer → High speed friction washer → Dewatering → Round floating washer → Floating washer → Dewatering → Pipe drying → Color Seperator → Silo

Water Bottle Washing Recycling Machine Parameter

1Belt Conveyor1.5kw1
2Dryer Type Label Remover Machine 15+1.5x2kw1
3Manual Sorting Table with Inverter1.5kw1
4Belt Conveyer1.5kw1
5Crusher PC800 with Water Spray37kw1
6Screw Loader2.2kw1
7Hot Washer Tank 4kw1
8Screw Conveyor2.2kw1
9Floating Washing Tank5.5kw2
10Dewatering Machine22kw1
11Air Blower Pipe Drying System24+7.5kw1
12Storage Bunker1
13Electrical Equipment1
14Blade Sharpen Machine 2.2kw1
15Oil Boiler2kw1

Waste Bottle Washing Recycling Machine Details

Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is a conveying machine. Depends on the capacity, the belt width is different so that the conveying ability is different. The height is adjustable

Label Remover Machine

Label remover machine is to rip of bottle label. The label is impurity to the pet flakes. Any label mixed into the flakes will great influence the flakes quality. So it is recommended that the label remover machine is a must in washing recycling machine production line.

Crusher Machine

Crusher machine is to crush the bottle into small flakes size. A good structure of crusher machine is important for the cutting capacity and cutting effectiveness. All the bottle is scissor knife cutting without curled flakes ends. The cutting flakes powder is little with sharp clear cutting structure.

Hot Washing Tank

Hot washing tank uses hot steam to wash the flakes. Sometime, the waste bottle is mixed with oil pet bottle, so the flakes is oily. We have to find a way out for cleaning the flakes.

Output PET flakes

Raw material & formulation Post-consumer bottles PET
Final product & Output capacity 500kg/hr

Description of final product

  1. Water Content: ≤1%
  2. Bulk density: 0.3G/CM3
  3. Flake size: 8-14mm per special requirement
  4. Flake size 12mm ≥ 90%
  5. Flake Size ≥12mm: ≤ 2%
  6. Fine Granule: ≤ 3%
  7. PET Powder: ≤ 3%
  8. PVC Content: ≤ 0.003%