500kg PE Film Washing Line

Gangsu Machinery produces pe film washing line. It adopts crushing machine, washing tank, and dewatering machine, and drying system. The production capacity is from 500kg per hour to 800kg per hour.

PE Film Washing Line Flow Chat

Bale Opener → Screen Trommel → Belt Conveyor → Crusher → Screw loader → Cold Washing Tank →Friction Washer →Floating Washer → Screw Loader → Dewatering → Pipe drying → Silo

Plastic Film Washing Line Parameters

1Belt conveyor1
3Friction cleaning machine I1
4Rinse pool I1
5Friction cleaning machine II1
6Rinse pool II1
7Friction cleaning machine III1
9Drying system1
10Stock bin1
11Electric control panel1

PE Film Recycling Line in Details

Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is a conveying machine.The belt is made from PVC material with block bar to prevent material fall down. The height of belt conveyor is adjustable.

Crusher Machine

Crusher machine is to crush waste film into small flakes size. A good structure of crusher machine is important for the cutting capacity and cutting effectiveness.

Washing Tank

Washing tank washes the crushed film at a certain speed. The propeller roller flap the film material; the dirty impurity sink down to the tank bottom.

Dewatering Machine

Dewater machine is used to remove water from the washed material. To get a non wet material.