500kg PE Film Crushing Washing and Squeezing Line Machine

Gangsu Machinery is professional at making pe film recycling machine line. It can process agricultural film, ground film, trash bags, packing film, industrial film, banana film etc. The production capacity ranges from 300kg to 2000Kg per hour. After washing the film, it will get clean film flakes. If we use squeeze machine, it will get pe scraps. Prepare for the next stage of granulation.

PE Film Crushing Recycling Machine Flow Chat

Belt Conveyor → Shredder Machine→ Trommel → Belt Conveyor → Crusher → Floating Washer → Screw loader → High speed friction washer → Floating washer → Screw Loader → Squeezer Machine → Flakes → Silo

PE Film Crushing Recycling and Squeezing Machine Parameters

1Belt Conveyor1
3Screw Conveyor1
4High Speed Friction Washing Machine1
5Stock Silo1
6Stock Silo1
7Stock Silo1
8Stock Silo1
9Electric Control panel1

PE Film Recycling Line en Details

Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is a conveying machine. Depends on the capacity, the belt width is different so that the conveying ability is different. The height is adjustable. The belt material is pvc material.

Crusher Machine

Crusher machine is to crush waste film into small flakes size. A good structure of crusher machine is important for the cutting capacity and cutting effectiveness. The cutting principal is scissor knife clear cutting. The crusher machine is connected with water, so it can cool down the cutting shaft and make preliminary washing function.

Washing Tank

Washing tank washes the crushed film at a certain speed. The propeller roller flap the film material; the dirty impurity sink down to the tank bottom.

Squeezer machine

Squeezer machine swallower the wet film material, with high compression ratio. The film get dewatered and melted into plasticization. Then the die face cutting the melting material into small size.