1000Kg PE Hard Scraps Recycling Machine Line

Gangsu Machinery produces pe hard scraps recycling machine. It can recycle PP cups, pe milk bottle, pe jerrycan, pp battery case, abs battery box, pe blowing items, pe pipes and other various pe hard items etc. The production capacity is from 300kg to 1000kg per hour.

PE Recycling Line Flow Chat

Bale Opener → Screen Trommel → Belt Conveyor → Crusher → Screw Loader→ Floating Washer → High speed friction washer → Dewatering → Pipe drying → Color Separator (Optional)→ Silo

PE Washing and Recycling Machine Equipment List

1Screw Loader I1
2Washing Tank I Separate 1
3Friction Loader I1
4Screw Loader II1
5Hot Washing Tank I to remove ink, glue1
6Screw Loader III1
8Drying system1
9Stock bin1
10Electric control panel1

PE Scraps Washing Line in Details

Screw Loader

Screw loader is made of stainless-steel material. It is used to convey the material from one machine to another machine.

Washing Tank

Washing tank is used to wash the crushed material. To remove the impurity from the material. The dirty will be sink into the bottom of the tank, then discharged to the sedimentation tank.

Dewater Machine

Dewater machine is used to remove water from the washed material. To get a non wet material.