During operation, before the plastic profile is extruded, no one can stand in front of the die, so as to avoid injury accidents due to bolt fracture or wet raw material foaming. After the plastic is extruded from the die of the machine head, the extrudate needs to be slowly cooled, and transferred to the traction device and the shaping die, and then these devices are activated. Then adjust according to the indicated value of the control instrument and the requirements of the extruded product. Make corresponding adjustments to each part to make the entire extrusion operation reach a normal state. And add enough material according to need, the twin-screw granulator operation adopts a metering feeder to feed evenly and at a constant speed. The safety items that should be paid attention to during the operation of the granulator include electricity, heat, mechanical rotation, and handling of bulky parts. The granulator workshop must be equipped with lifting equipment to ensure reliable production.

Today’s waste plastic granulator industry is focusing on environmental protection issues. Starting from the discharge of waste water and exhaust gas, according to the special organization principle of the waste plastic granulator, it operates another drainage and exhaust device, a twin-screw plastic granulation unit, and A small part of the extruded plastic cooling is handled by recycle water, thereby reducing the pollution caused by waste water and exhaust gas and realizing maximum environmental protection.