Woven bags are more environmentally friendly and have greater recycling efforts. Shredding waste woven bags before processing them into granules is more effective. Woven bag shredders are suitable for soft materials such as new films, woven bags, fishing nets, etc. The machine passes through the motor→transmission reducer→transmission main shaft, and the whole bundle of woven bags is shredded by N movable knives installed on the main shaft and fixed knives installed on the frame, and the shredded particles are 1-3cm.

The waste woven bag recycling production line consists of the following steps: crushing → cleaning → extrusion → granulation. The main function of the shredder in the entire production line is to break the waste woven bags into pieces and remove metal-containing substances. Many users choose uniaxial woven bag shredders, which shred smaller particles and have higher efficiency. The shredder can process about 850kg of plastic particles for 1 ton of waste woven bags.

Users buy Peixu woven bag shredder series equipment, which fully reflects their trust in us, but also in the quality of the equipment. The quality requirements of the woven bag shredder are mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the quality requirements of a single machine; the other is the quality requirements of the complete equipment system, including system optimization, coordination and correlation. The drive gear of the power distribution box of the shredder is forged and processed by high frequency quenching, which has a long service life.

Although the woven bag shredder has good stability, wear resistance and high efficiency, it should be uniform in production to ensure the quality of shredding and normal production. It is strictly forbidden to overload the motor to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Realize efficient automated production and better expand its application range, so that more waste resources can make full use of it.