It is mainly used for the recycling and granulation of recyclable plastics produced in the production of plastic products. Reduce waste in the production process and meet energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. It adopts modular design and is controlled by professional software to ensure a high degree of production safety. The speed can be automatically adjusted to produce uniform and high-quality recycled particles.

1.Automatic feeding device: adopts automatic feeding technology, and automatically makes feeding judgment based on the feedback signal of the material level sensor. No need to manually control the feeding time and quantity. Ensure the stability of the extrusion volume and simplify the manual operation.

2.Crushing device: The floating gearbox is installed to reduce the damage to the shaft caused by the crushing vibration and increase the service life of the crushing roller.

3.Exhaust type extruder: Direct drive motor is used, and the output of constant torque ensures the smoothness of the extruder, and the space is more compact than the previous gearbox + motor method.

4.Automatic screen changer system: The two stations alternately change the screen, which brings less pressure fluctuations than the single station screen change, which ensures the smoothness of the screen change. 5. Pelletizing device: The blade is in elastic contact with the die head, and the front and back positions are adjustable by changing the air pressure to make the pelleting more smooth.