Output dimension: 40-60mm (for film)
10-12mm (for PE PP bottles/containers)
Moisture content: 2-5% (for film)
≈2% (for PE PP bottles/containers)
Output capacity: 300-1000kg/h (for film)
300-3000kg/h (for PE PP bottles/containers)

Film recycling line subdivides as followings to deal with different raw materials:
1. LDPE waste film recycling and washing line
2. PE agriculture using films crushing and washing line
3. Waste PE film recycling line
4. Ethylene ground film washing, drying and regranulating line
5. Waste film recycling and washing line

Features of film washing recycling line:
1. The moisture of final products will be less than 8% so that the washed materials can be stored easily.
2. The electric components are from the famous brands in China(or customer designated).
3. The complete line is with high level of automation, CE certification, steady performance and high working efficiency.
4. The reasonable design, harmonious colors.

Rigid scraps recycling washing
In the conception of energy-saving and environmental, a variety of specialized solutions are available for different kinds of rigid plastic waste recycling; also related auxiliary machines set as the optional items for the solution making, for instance, contamination separation system, high speed washer, labels removing device, metal separation system, water-recycling treatment system, etc.

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