Plastic crusher, also known as crusher, but the crusher here is different from what is called “crusher” in the mining industry. Plastic crusher, as the name implies, its function is to crush plastic; and the “crusher” in the mining industry is a kind of mining equipment, mainly used to crush minerals and stones. It can be seen that although these two kinds of equipment can be called crushers, but the objects of action are different. One acts on plastic material, we call it plastic crusher, and the other acts on mining, we can also call this type of crusher as Mining crusher or stone crusher. We only talk about plastic crushers here, not stone crushers.

Introduction to the structure of the plastic crusher: The plastic crusher is mainly composed of a blade spindle, a fixed knife, a carrying box, a box bracket, a feeding system, a power system, and an electrical control system. It is mainly used for crushing softer waste materials such as rubber, plastic and paper. The plastic crusher has the characteristics of high speed, sharp blade, uniform crushed particles, small crushed particle size, and can be directly used for production of raw materials.

The working principle of the plastic crusher: the plastic crusher is driven by the output power of the power system to drive the knife roller (the knife roller is composed of a knife shaft and a moving knife) to rotate at a high speed, and a huge shearing moment is generated between the knife roller and the fixed knife, which in turn affects the crushing chamber. The plastic is sheared, and when the sheared debris is smaller than the aperture of the screen, it falls out to obtain fine broken plastic.