Acceptance and handover of equipment installation project

After the production of the plastic crusher is completed, it should be delivered to the customer in time, and the installation, commissioning and acceptance work should be carried out on the customer’s site. This series of processes mainly includes the following work contents.

(1) The construction acceptance of the equipment foundation shall be checked and accepted by the quality inspector of the construction department together with the civil construction engineer, and the construction acceptance form shall be filled out. The construction quality of the foundation conforms to the basic drawing and technical requirements.

(2) The acceptance of the equipment installation project shall be carried out after the equipment debugging is qualified. The equipment management department and the process technology department, together with other departments, shall carry out the acceptance inspection with the participation of relevant personnel in installation, inspection, safety, use, etc. The certificate and acceptance handover document shall be signed by all parties involved in the acceptance before the completion of the project.

(3) After the equipment has passed the acceptance inspection, go through the handover procedures.The equipment unpacking acceptance (or equipment installation handover acceptance check), the equipment operation test record sheet signed by all parties participating in the acceptance and the technical documents brought with the equipment shall be included in the equipment file management by the equipment management department; For spare parts, fill in the spare parts storage form and send it to the equipment warehouse for storage. The safety management department shall file the safety issues during the installation test.

(4) After the equipment is handed over, the equipment management department shall sign the equipment commissioning notice, and hand over the copies to the equipment management department, the user unit, the financial department, and the production management department, as archives, notices to start use, fixed asset management certificates, and assessment projects. basis of the plan.

Maintenance of equipment

What work should be done after the plastic crusher is running? After the operation of the plastic crusher, the maintenance and maintenance are indispensable. What should be done specifically? First of all, the main circuit and power source of the equipment should be disconnected. After the operation of any equipment, the power supply should be disconnected to avoid leakage and electric shock. Then, the equipment inspection and recording should be done well. Ensure that the equipment is normal and error-free, so that it can be used next time. If there is a fault, it must be dealt with in time.

(1) After the running-in is done, the equipment must be cleaned, lubricated, tightened, replaced or repaired with faulty parts and debugged, so that the equipment can be brought into use;

(2) Make records. What records are there? Organize the inspection records of the geometric accuracy and machining accuracy of the equipment and the test records of other functions;

(3) Organize the records of the equipment in the trial operation, such as troubleshooting;

(4) For some problems that cannot be adjusted, analyze the reasons and summarize from the aspects of equipment design, manufacture, transportation, storage, and installation.

(5) Make an evaluation conclusion on the operation of the equipment, handle the opinions, go through the procedures for handover, and indicate the personnel and date of the trial operation.