If the plastic granulator production line is abnormal in the working environment, how should it be disassembled and inspected? The following seven elements must be kept in mind, and the structure of the plastic granulator production line and parts must be clear to avoid damage to the parts during disassembly.
Before disassembly, the soil or oil on the surface should be removed, and the plastic granulator production line should be kept clean during the disassembly process.

When disassembling the pelletizer, suitable tools should be used to avoid damage or deformation of the parts.
Disassemble as needed, and disassemble as little as possible.
When disassembling the plastic granulator production line, prepare for assembly. In order to improve the efficiency of assembly and ensure the correctness of assembly, attention should be paid to check and remember the position of each part when disassembling.
At the same time, the disassembly process of the plastic granulator production line should be carried out in the correct order. Generally, from accessories to main parts, the whole machine should be disassembled into components first.
After the parts are disassembled, they should be classified and stored according to the nature of the material and the accuracy of the parts.