It is better to shred the waste woven bags before processing them into pellets

Woven bags are more environmentally friendly and have greater recycling efforts. Shredding waste woven bags before processing them into granules is more effective. Woven bag shredders are suitable for soft materials such as new films, woven bags, fishing nets, etc. The machine passes through the motor→transmission reducer→transmission main shaft, and the whole bundle of woven […]

Plastic crusher maintenance

Plastic crusher maintenance : 1. The machine should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the motor works to dissipate heat and prolong its life. 2. Regularly check the tool screws. After the new machine is used for 1 hour, use tools to tighten the screws of the moving knife and the fixed […]

Installation acceptance and maintenance of plastic crusher

Acceptance and handover of equipment installation project After the production of the plastic crusher is completed, it should be delivered to the customer in time, and the installation, commissioning and acceptance work should be carried out on the customer’s site. This series of processes mainly includes the following work contents. (1) The construction acceptance of […]

The principle and classification of plastic crusher

Principle 1. Main structure: The crusher is mainly composed of a feeding hopper, a crushing chamber, a knife holder, a screen plate, a lowering hopper, and a motor. 2. Working principle: The crushed material is affected by its own gravity or external force. After entering the crusher from the feeding port , it is rotated […]

The difference between plastic crusher and shredder

The difference between plastic crusher and single shaft shredder From a structural point of view, the structure of the plastic crusher and the single-shaft shredder is very similar. But there are many fundamental differences between the two types of devices. Their differences are as follows: In terms of structure, the single-shaft shredder contains a reducer, but […]

Common plastic crusher structure and working principle

What kind of machine is a plastic crusher? What is its use? When the injection molding machine or granulator produces raw materials, the defective products and nozzle materials produced can be put into the plastic crusher in time. After crushing, the raw materials and nozzles are crushed, mixed and formed to produce good products and […]

Introduction of Plastic Crusher

Plastic crusher, also known as crusher, but the crusher here is different from what is called “crusher” in the mining industry. Plastic crusher, as the name implies, its function is to crush plastic; and the “crusher” in the mining industry is a kind of mining equipment, mainly used to crush minerals and stones. It can […]

How to choose the right plastic crusher

Crush and process waste plastic products into plastic particles that generate raw materials, which can effectively improve the recycling and utilization of waste plastic materials and effectively reduce production costs. Therefore, the market demand for waste plastic crushers is also continuously increasing. The waste plastic garbage shredder is widely used: widely used in plastics, chemical […]

What are the online recycling machines for film scraps

Jagged offcuts are created on a factory plastic film production line, or during the product packaging process, scrap film tapes of uniform width are cut out. These film edge materials are easily flammable. If they cannot be handled in time, they will be piled up on both sides of the production line, which will bring […]