Plastic recycling machine can process a variety of waste plastic material. It can plastic film washing machine, plastic bottle washing machine, plastic pp jumbo bags washing machine, pp woven bags recycling machine, waste tube recycling machine, jerrycan recycling machine, water bottle recycling machine, hard plastic recycling machine and battery box pp material recycling machine.
Plastic shredder machine is used in shredding film, lumps, woven bags, bottle, pipe, paper, wood, tire, tin, can, various kinds of hollow or solid plastic material. Plastic crusher is adopted for find grinding of material. The combination of shredder and crushing machine can process a variety of waste materials. Plastic shredder machine is suitable to process PA, PE, PP, PET, ABS, PVC wood pallet and various engineering plastic material.
The granulation machine is used to produce PE pellets, PP pellets, PVC pellets, PET pellets, PE filler masterbatch pellets, black masterbatch, PLA masterbatch, biodegradable pellets, engineering modified pellets, Alloy pellets, ABS pellets, color masterbatch pellets, rigid pvc pellets, soft pvc pellets, functional pellets, plastic filler pellets. For granulation machine include mixing machine, extruder, die face cutting, air blower, transit silo and final storage silo. Extruder has single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, one stage, two stage etc.

High Efficiency Plastic Recycling Solution

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About Us

Over the years developing, we are implementing a modern management system for the company running. The machine quality is improving yearly. We have been committed to the innovative development of plastic pipe equipment, plastic profile extrusion machine, plastic washing recycling machine, and plastic shredder machine. We are currently among the few companies who can provide CFRTP production line equipment. CFRTP is a continuous glass fiber reinforced pipe that has lots of advantages which similar pipe machine can not compare. In addition, we have developed the advanced level of PP / PE high output single-screw extruder. This extruder’s output can reach a level beyond the imagination in the realization of the ideal under the premise of plasticization (general equipment output limited to 3kg / kw, this equipment output can be greater than 4kg / kw). we have made PET bottle washing and recycling machine line, pe film washing machine line, pp jumbo bags washing machine line, milk bottle recycling machine line. We make plastic granulation machine for granules and compounding granules.

We have four professional engineers design and optimize the recycling and granulation machine constantly. Every engineer is skilled at using drawing software, 3D max, Pro-E, CAD, AI, etc.

For the working staff, they are stilled ones for at least three years in this recycling and granulation fields. Every week, we carry out site training about safety, welding, polishing and assembly procedures.

For the mechanical parts, we process them according to processing procedure more without less. Processing like balancing equivalent, heat treatment, timing treatment, CNC treatment, vertical type planer treatment to assure co-eccentricity


PE Film Washing Recycling Line

PET Flakes Cold Washing Line

PVC Granulation Machine

Plastic crusher maintenance

Plastic crusher maintenance : 1. The machine should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the motor works to dissipate heat and prolong

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